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        Developing better software by single-minded focus on how the work is done

        CA specialises in enhancing the performance of software and systems engineering projects. Our mission is to advance our clients' ability to reliably deliver systems that are safe, fit for purpose and cost effective. We provide consulting, contracting and training services to both the owners and the developers of software intensive systems.

        Motivating the Systems Engineer

        We believe that our systems engineering disciplines are much more than our collective memory they are our collective treasure. We owe it to future generations who we will never know to practice them, improve them and pass them on.

        To learn more read our Capability Statement. For case studies click Services on our menu bar.

        Project Management

        The Project Planning Process Risk Planning Process Work Breakdown Structure
        WBS Development Process Fleshing Out the WBS Earned Value Management

        Quality Management

        Does Quality Matter QMS Framework QMS Architecture

        Requirements Specification


        Systems Engineering

        Specifying Software Requirements Teamwork Motivating the Systems Engineer
        Requirements Specification Control System Design Database Design
        Testing Project Management Quality Management
        System Safety Configuration Management Verification and Validation
        Tender Preparation Tender Preparation Training
        software_quality_workshop Project Management Workshop Requirements Workshop